The Circle of HOPE Call for Participation

Tips for Submission

The Circle of HOPE will take place at New York City’s Hotel Pennsylvania from July 20th through July 22nd, 2018. Submissions are now open for speakers, workshops, and more.

We encourage you to give workshops on a wide variety of diverse topics at The Circle of HOPE!

Workshops at past HOPE conferences include: electronics workshops, coding workshops, how to submit FOIA (Freedom of Information) requests, hacking wi-fi routers, making tea, and more.

Call for Workshops: Workshops can occur in the open Pavilion space (second floor), or in a conference room (sixth floor). Workshops bring an interactive experience to HOPE (hands-on learning, building, hacking, or other skills) on a wide range of topics. Whether basic or advanced, large or small, workshops are a key part of the HOPE experience. Email your workshop proposal to

Be sure to include the following:

All submissions will receive an automated response.