Note: Rooms are filling up fast. We are trying to expand our block to meet demand. If it is showing as unavailable, you can still book at the hotel-- and keep checking the block!

One of the new features of A New HOPE is the range of places to stay.

Your options include:

  1. On-campus housing at St. John’s (student dormitories, registration deadline is July 15)
  2. (Sorry! These group rates are sold out) Off-campus hotels nearby with our group rate. The Q30 bus provides a direct link. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of this hotel - and The Emerald Pub, a classic dive bar, is right next door and open way late.
  3. Hotels near both JFK and LaGuardia airports
  4. Anywhere else in the city!

Getting to St. John’s is easy-- visit the travel page for more information-- and there may be options for shuttles between the hotels and campus.

Before you decide where to stay, there are certain considerations you should think about. The university has its own rules-- particularly around housing-- that will affect our participants. The rules are not ours, but participants must keep them in mind. We cannot change these rules-- we did not create them, we may not agree with them, but they are the rules of the venue. We also realize that as hackers, one of our impulses is to push boundaries and test limits. We ask in the strongest terms possible that the policies around housing at St. John’s not be the boundaries you test at HOPE, not least because we want to be allowed to continue hosting our conference here.

Wherever you stay-- on- or off-campus-- you will not need to bring bedding. Both on-campus and at the hotels, the cost of your room includes breakfast each morning of your stay.

Are you coming to HOPE with a partner, spouse, or children who are of another gender than yourself? You should stay in one of the off-campus venues. Regardless of marital status, age, or family relationship, St. John’s will not allow participants of different genders to share a room in the dormitories.

Are you comfortable sleeping in a single bed? Stay on-campus!

Are you comfortable sharing a suite (common areas and bathrooms) with people whom you may not know? Stay on-campus!

On-campus rooming assignments are being made by the St. John’s staff. HOPE staff cannot affect any changes in room assignments. If you and a friend mutually request each other to share a double, you will more than likely be roomed together; however, the makeup of the rooms in a suite will be more at random.

Note: ALL PRICES shown on the St. John's University page for booking On-campus housing are PER PERSON. To book a Double occupancy room, both people must book separately -- and after booking both people must reply to the confirmation email you will receive and state the name of the person you want to be rooming with. Please note that the differences between the per-person price between Single occupancy and Double occupancy room are only about $10 per person per night (plus tax).

All dorm rooms at St. John's are clustered in suites of 4 rooms, with two shared bathrooms.

Will you want to leave the conference for a brief time to go take a shower in the middle of the day? Consider staying on campus! Those staying on campus will receive a dormitory ID; people without dormitory IDs will not be allowed into the residence halls. St. John’s staff will be checking IDs at the dormitory entrances.

Alcohol is not permitted in the dormitories.

(This one’s hard, and we don’t like it any more than you do.) When registering for housing on-campus, you will have to choose to identify as male or female. If you do not identify as exclusively male or female, and/or are not comfortable choosing one of those options when registering, your best option is to stay off-campus.