Event begins at 10:00 Friday, runs until 18:00 Sunday, and will be open 24/7.


We already have a fantastic lineup of workshops at The Eleventh HOPE! Please see below for the schedule.

We also have space reserved space for self-organized Workshops / Demos / Talks at The Eleventh HOPE. To make use of this space simply fill out the registration form for self-organized Workshops/Demos/Talks


Projects run all day every day unless otherwise noted.

Art Projects

This area will be updated soon with all kinds of cool art projects.


Are you coming to The Eleventh HOPE as part of a group of hackers? A hackerspace or makerspace that wants to have a unique presence, a FLOSS project promoting your software, the crew you hang out with every HOPE? Maybe something even stranger?

Would you like a place on the conference floor where you can hang out and potentially meet up with more likeminded hackers?

Villages are places to meet, hang out, chill, set up your gear, and show off what you've got and what you can do. It's your home base at The Eleventh HOPE; it's a place where you can bring your tech, your toys, your gear, work on and share cool projects, let others join in, and most of all have fun!

Email to get involved!


At every HOPE conference there's a nice group of vendors who offer great stuff of interest to hackers. This year we have the best selection of vendors ever! Excellent books, electronic parts, kits, lockpicking tools, encrypted phones, tee shirts, hats, stickers, LED strips, and other stuff you might not find anywhere else--even a Bitcoin ATM. Support our vendors who help make HOPE possible.

We donate vendor tables to selected nonprofits who support our community, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Freedom of the Press Foundation, and others. They deserve our support for all the vitally important work they do for our community and for everyone else, so stop by their tables and say Hi!

Date/Time: Fri, Sat, Sun
Location: Mezzanine