Extra HOPE: Hackers On Planet Earth, 2021

Call for Participation

The premier hacker gathering, sponsored by 2600 Magazine, is being planned for 2021. Extra HOPE will build on the success of the all-virtual event in 2020, by bringing ideals of hacker innovation and ingenuity to bear on some of today's most pressing issues.

Extra HOPE is scheduled for August 13-15, 2021. Currently, it is being planned as an in-person event at St. John's University in Queens, New York. This will be the conference that was originally planned for HOPE 2020, with simultaneous speaker tracks, workshops, performances, and a tremendous new space to explore.

Hacker conferences, like nearly all events in 2021, face uncertainty. Can they proceed? Will there be limits on the number of people who can attend, or travel restrictions, or practical constraints like how many people can be in the same indoor space? We don't know, and we are addressing this by planning an in-person event, while knowing it might be postponed or dramatically transformed due to circumstances beyond our control.

If the HOPE conference cannot happen in person in 2021, a less ambitious online event may need to suffice while we look to 2022. The hacker community is nothing if not resilient and adaptable, and patience may be needed as uncertainties about 2021 play out.

Check our website for info on submissions for speakers, workshops, performances, and more. As conditions allow, ticket sales and the program will be announced in the months ahead. The number of available tickets will likely be very limited, and registered attendees from HOPE 2020 will be given priority. Visit www.hope.net for details on how to participate.

The whole world has undergone tremendous transformation and disruption. Much has been lost, including many lives. The overarching theme of this conference is Extra HOPE, in which we celebrate the victory of science and technology, while mourning all that was lost.

There has perhaps never been a time that the hacker spirit was more important in supporting the physical and mental well-being of so many. From vaccine development to home-based education, from social media to election security - spanning transformations in the home, the workplace, recreation, and the social sphere. It's not just technology that has transformed so many lives - it is new ways of thinking and interacting, creating and doing. And all of this has helped in addressing tremendous challenges.

Extra HOPE will look at how hackers, and the hacker spirit, are foundational to creating more justice, equity, and opportunity across society. All people with this hacker spirit, a desire to improve the human condition, and optimism for the triumph of curiosity and information sharing are invited to participate.

Extra HOPE

August 13-15, 2021