Tickets to HOPE are on sale now!

Find tickets at the 2600 Store.

You can buy tickets to attend in person or as a virtual attendee.

EFF Benefit. Beginning Monday, April 1st (no fooling) and continuing through Tuesday, April 30th, we are running our EFF benefit in conjunction with the HOPE conference. That means that for every ticket sold, ten percent of the total price will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help with the many worthy causes this organization is a part of. If you haven't gotten your HOPE XV tickets yet (physical or virtual), this is a great way to get your hands on them and make a worthwhile contribution at the same time. If you already have your tickets, you can still help out by spreading the word!

Virtual attendees get live streaming access to all speaker sessions and online workshops. Virtual attendees are also able to have live chats with other attendees, and submit questions to speakers.

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