Tips for Submitting a Workshop Proposal

Please email your workshop proposal one proposal per email) to Send your proposals as plain text in the body of your email, not as an attachment. If you absolutely need to attach a graphic to demonstrate your workshop in addition to your proposal, please use a nonproprietary format like JPG or PNG.

Be sure to include the following in your proposal:

* Title and Abstract

* A Short Description

* A Brief Bio

* Length of Workshop

* Cost for Materials (if any)

* Scheduling Constraints

* Maximum Number of Attendees

* Associated Talk (if any)

* AC Power Requirements

* Prerequisites (if any) for Attendees

Please let us know the answers to these questions:

* What kind of space do you prefer? Large (50 people) open area (with tables and tools), small classroom (20 individual desks), or large classroom (30 individual desks)

* Do attendees need to bring anything (or download beforehand)?

* Do you need anything special?

* Is a projector required?

* Do you require amplified sound?

* Will you be needing any tools (some of which we may be able to provide)?

NOTE: HOPE XV will not have a registration system for workshops. Workshop attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional info:

* What is the title of the workshop?

Please make your title short and descriptive, as well as catchy, since many people choose what presentations to attend by their title.

* What topics/skills will be shared/taught?

Please be as descriptive as possible to help us with placement and scheduling.

* How long will the workshop take?

Workshops can vary in length from one hour to several hours. Just about any length is fine. We also need to know how much setup time and cleanup time you will need. If your workshop requires attendees to purchase materials, please make sure to include time for these transactions.

* How many people can attend the workshop?

We ask that you be realistic so that your workshop can be a successful experience for you and your workshop attendees. If attendees will be needing lots of individual attention, please ensure you’ll be able to devote enough time and attention to everyone. It’s okay to limit attendees to a dozen or so if that’s what you feel you are able to handle. Workshops in a large workshop room are good for up to 50 people. Bigger areas may also be possible.

* Is this workshop submission connected with a talk?

If yes, please specify which talk submission it’s affiliated with. When workshops are connected with a talk, we try to schedule the workshop after the talk on the same day so the subject matter is fresh in people’s minds.

* Please specify any scheduling restraints you have.

For example, if you know that you can only be at HOPE XV for one or two days, specify which days so we can schedule appropriately. If the workshop is associated with an accepted talk, whenever possible the workshop will be scheduled the same day, after its related talk - so please keep that in mind for your own scheduling purposes.

* Why do you think this workshop would interest HOPE XV attendees?

Remember that HOPE XV is a unique and highly interactive conference, and that many diverse interests and skill/knowledge levels will be represented by its thousands of participants. What will attendees learn from your workshop?

* Who is the workshop intended for?

As with talks, people with different knowledge and skill levels attend the workshops, so please have a good sense of your intended audience. For example: Is this workshop for total beginners? Are there any prerequisite skills, knowledge, or experience required? If you’re submitting a related talk, will attending that talk be a prerequisite?

* How much space will the workshop require?

Remember that while HOPE XV will have lots of space, it must be allocated efficiently to accommodate all activities. So please indicate the minimum space your workshop will require. If appropriate, please include the area in square feet or meters.

* Which setting works best for your workshop?

Will it do better in a big room, a small room, or out in an area where there’s lots of ambient activity buzzing about with its attendance noise?

* What equipment and power will the workshop require?

Let us know if you will need a video projector, projection screen, AC power strips for attendees, soldering tools, etc. We will do our best to provide what you need. We may not be able to provide nonstandard equipment that you want or need, so if at all possible please be prepared to bring your own, or to borrow or rent it.

* Is there anything that the attendees will need to bring?

As a workshop presenter, you can ask that participants have previous knowledge or interest. You can also ask that attendees bring specific items to the workshop, for instance, a laptop with a certain operating system. Such requirements need to be made clear as early as possible.

How will attendees obtain materials needed for your workshop?

You should not expect attendees to bring anything special to your workshop since many will only have looked at the schedule after arriving at HOPE. If materials are needed, please be prepared to bring all required materials for your attendees. It is fine to ask attendees to pay for the materials if this is made clear in your workshop description.

* Will participants be expected to pay any cost for materials?

If your workshop requires attendees to purchase materials that you provide, you’ll need to figure out in advance how much it will cost each participant. HOPE XV is not an opportunity to profiteer from workshops, but we don’t want you to lose money to share your knowledge. We operate HOPE on a shoestring and try to break even, so please be reasonable and do the same. Participants will also be reasonable and many may be willing to help out with donations if you simply ask.

* How will attendees pay for materials?

If there are materials that need to be purchased, you will need to provide some means for attendees to pay for the materials. Cash, PayPal, Venmo, credit card payment systems such as Stripe, etc. are all methods workshop presenters have used in the past.

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