HOPE 2020 Call for Participation

The call for workshops is now closed.

HOPE 2020 will take place online from July 25 through August 2, 2020. Hackers from around the world will convene virtually for nine days of online presentations, workshops, collaboration and entertainment.

Workshop proposals were accepted through June 29. HOPE workshops are where knowledge is shared with attendees, during live online interactive sessions.

Workshops at past HOPE conferences include: building electronic circuits, coding, how to submit FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests, hacking wi-fi routers, making tea, wellness, and more.

The conference will consist of scheduled sessions across the nine days. Talks, workshops, panels, keynotes, performances and more will be livestreamed on the Internet. Conference attendees will have the opportunity for live online interaction with presenters and with each other.

Call for Workshops and other cool proposals:

Do you have skills you would like to share? Please give a workshop at HOPE! We encourage workshops over a wide variety of diverse topics.

Workshops bring an online learning experience to HOPE on a wide range of topics. Whether basic or advanced, large or small, workshops are a key part of the HOPE experience.

Do you have other cool ideas to share that don't fit into a talk or panel? If your idea can work in an online format for remote attendees, including a mixture of live and pre-recorded content, please get in touch.

Your proposal should detail how your online workshop will function. Will you use a mixture of live video teleconference, pre-recorded videos, and self-paced exercises? How would you like to communicate with attendees, before and during the workshop? In what ways might the online virtual format be even better than in real life? Let us know how you envision a great workshop happening!

All submissions will receive an automated response. Deadline for submissions: June 29

Tips for Submission