Where and when will HOPE XV happen?

At St. John's University in Queens, New York City, July 12-14, 2024.

Is HOPE hard to get to?

Not at all! In fact, it’s closer to the airports, easily reachable by mass transit, and we even have free parking! We have a comprehensive guide to the many ways you can get to HOPE XV.

How much are tickets?

Tickets for the entire weekend are $225.

When can I get my ticket at the conference?

Registration hours have been posted on the tickets page.

Can I attend HOPE XV virtually if I can’t participate in-person?

Yes, we offer virtual tickets. These give full access to all online streams, including the ability to have live interaction with other attendees.

Does my in-person ticket also give me access to the virtual program?

Yes! You can mix in-person and online participation as you please throughout HOPE XV.

What about housing at St. John's?

This year, we're offering extremely low-priced housing in a nearby off-campus dormitory. At the moment, on-campus housing will be available to people with mobility or accessibility issues - indicate this in the St. John's reservation form.

See the lodging page for more information.

People staying in the dorms can select single or double occupancy, and you can select your roommates and suite-mates. There are no restrictions on which genders can share rooms or suites.

What about speaker submissions and workshops?

Submissions are now closed. The Call for Participation has details.

Is there a way to register in advance for workshops?

Workshops are all first come, first served with no advance registration.

Do speakers get free admission?

If your talk, panel, or workshop is approved, you will get free admission to the conference. However, this should not be the reason you submit a proposal! HOPE relies on as many of us paying our way in order to keep costs down for everyone.

Can I volunteer to help at HOPE?

Absolutely! Our volunteers are the key in making HOPE possible and there are so many ways to help out. Experience isn't necessary - only a desire to help make HOPE a great conference. Of course, if you do have experience in a particular field that you'd like to help out in, just let us know. Anyone interested in volunteering can email volunteers@hope.net or visit our Volunteer section.

To keep costs as low as possible, we ask that all volunteers buy a ticket for HOPE admission.

Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

COVID-19 vaccination is strongly encouraged. Vaccination and any masking requirements, if any, will depend on the rules of St. John's University as well as applicable city, state or national regulations.

Is it safe to buy a ticket online?

It's at least as safe as any other type of online purchase. 2600 has an online store since 1999 and has kept customer data secure throughout, and also gets one of the highest ratings of customer satisfaction. Contrary to the myths perpetuated by the mass media, hackers are the ones who know about the security flaws and will take steps to protect customers.

What is the refund policy?

All ticket sales are final but tickets can be transferred or resold if something comes up that keeps you from attending.

How can I resell or give my ticket away?

HOPE XV tickets are transferable. Your ticket is an email with a QR codeand other information. Attendees (in person or virtual) present the ticket information to get admitted.

If you want to try to sell or give away your ticket, HOPE has a Wiki page for this. See "Ticket Exchange" at https://wiki.hope.net/

You should be able to create an account on the HOPE XV wiki by clicking on the Guest icon near the upper-right corner.

Can I park someplace closer than the parking garage?

St. John's University has free parking for attendees, as described on the travel page. There will limited parking for people with mobility issues, adjacent to where conference sessions take place.

Day parking is in the General lot, which is near the buildings HOPE is happening in. Overnight parking is in the parking garage. See the travel page for more details and map links.

Make sure you get your parking pass from the HOPE registration desk (Marillac Terrace), to avoid being ticketed.

What are the food options?

This is where we’ve learned the most since 2022. In addition to the expanded food outlets on campus, there are a great deal of options within walking distance. This is the most diverse county in the entire nation and the food choices reflect that. We’ve put together a guide here which we will constantly be expanding.

What is a hacker?

Hackers are explorers, thinkers, tinkerers, and teachers. They are curious and creative, and seek to understand how things work, especially complicated systems. Many hackers use technology as part of their quest for knowledge and enjoy sharing information about their findings with other people. Often, hackers are willing to exceed boundaries of expected behavior to better understand systems they are interested in. Curiosity remains one of the main motivations for hackers everywhere.

Will there be people at the conference who can teach me to hack?

Yes! Or, more accurately, they will help teach you to think with a hacker mindset. The conference will be a supportive learning environment where you can get hands-on experience with different hardware and software tools and their associated skill sets. There will be keynotes, tutorials, competitions, and hands-on classes. You can even help to teach! Bring your own experiments and experiences, and consider providing your own knowledge to participants in discussions, tutorials, and other sessions.

How can I get my other questions answered?

Send your question to faq@hope.net and, if it's the kind of question that's asked frequently, you'll see it here in the FAQ. Otherwise, we will do our best to get back to you with an answer.

How can I stay up to date about HOPE XV?

If you'd rather not spend your days hitting reload on our site, please join the HOPE announcement mailing list to get notified whenever something new happens. (Just click the text that says "Join Our Mailing List" at the bottom of this or any page.)

Will video recordings of HOPE XV be available after the live event is over?

Yes, we will post videos of the event as we have in the past on YouTube. Stay tuned for details about how you can purchase a digital archive of all our talks and workshops at the 2600 Store.

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